Ungecenter2610 (Youth Center2610)

Ungecenter2610 (Youth Center2610) is a youth school with various activities. We are located in Rødovre municipality in the greater metropolitan area of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our activities functions as a supplement to the ordinary public primary schools in the municipality. The purpose is to help and develop young people´s academic, personal and social skills, and support their learning readiness so that as many as possible are able to complete primary school levels and start a youth education. Our target group is potentially all young people between 13 - 25 years old, including those who do not manage to walk the straight way.

Ungecenter2610 strives to unite the students’ wants and needs with the overall objectives of the surrounding society. We employ a dynamic, energetic, cooperative and visionary approach to develop the students’ academic, personal and social skills.

Ungecenter2610 offers four different programs: A leisure time education program, a day school education program, a 10th grade education program and an OK education program.


All costs are covered by the Rødovre Municipality and are free to attend for students.



The Youth Center contains of four separate divisions:


The Leisure time School department

The leisure time school department provide free voluntary classes within a various range of subjects; language classes in Spanish, Arabic or Chinese; art/handycraft/jewelery design and making, drama classes in musical or classical theatre, programming, cooking, support for school activities and much more.


We also offer the elementary school three year French program which is completed with a test and certificate, equivalent to third foreign language training offered in the Danish Elementary School.


The leisure time department has a travel program for young people from age 14 to 18. The aim is to offer affordable travel possibilities that provides learning within the cultural-, language-, social skills area.


Most pupils who take classes in the leisure time department are also at the same time attending a full time traditional elementary school or are attending some kind of youth education.

All activities in this department are taking place in the pupils’ spare time, weekends and holidays.



The Day School Department

The Day School Department is a full-time school for pupils who have problems attending the ordinary elementary school. Their challenges can consist of learning- or social issues. There is a class on 8th and 9th grade level with 10-14 pupils in each class. The learning is targeted the pupils learning- and social needs.



The 10th Grade Department

The six elementary schools in the municipality offers 1.st to 9.th grade teaching.

For those who want to continue in a voluntary 10th grade year, it takes place at our school.

The pupils can choose from three different directions, some preparing for High school and some preparing for other educational possibilities such as craftsmanship and trading education.   

Our 10th grade offer extra help to a group of pupils who have learning difficulties or need for extra support.


We have a 10th grade for those who are not clarified and ready to begin a secondary education and leisure-time education with a lot of single subjects and various educational travels.



The OK Department (OpKvalificering - stands for upgrading)

The OK Department is for young people (age 15-25) who, for various reasons, have not been able to start up a youth education.

The learners can attend classes in Math, Danish and English and train their cultural awareness and social skills. Extended personal and social support is offered during the process. By the end of the training they can take the final exams that are required for them to get to the next educational level – the youth educations.    


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